Intralinks vs. Caplinked – a Virtual Data Room Comparison

One of the main approaches to the implementation of cloud infrastructure is the technology of virtualization, Here is more about the most used Virtual Data Room software – Intralinks vs. Caplinked.

Information security of cloud technologies

Classical threats to information security in the public cloud are becoming especially relevant. There are also external security threats, such as remote hacker attacks. And, even when the repository is fairly well protected from external attacks, and access control and delimitation give only minimal authority to trustees, security issues still remain open when transferring data between the client and the cloud infrastructure. Today, there are many standards and technologies for data transmission over information networks, and the task of ensuring the security of information in them is completely non-trivial, especially in the case of wireless networks. To ensure all these tasks, Virtual Data Room is used.

One of the key points to consider regarding cloud security is that responsibility for resource use is shared between the customer and the cloud service provider. And you need to understand where the responsibility of the cloud computing provider ends and the customer’s responsibility begins.

The key features of Data Rooms in the structure of information security include:

  • customer responsibility for infrastructure;
  • the ability to fine-tune security management;
  • good visibility of intraday operations;
  • easy access to system logs and policies;
  • applications and data remain inside the firewall.

It is believed that private clouds are the most secure, as they allow you to implement your own means of encryption and protection at the stage of their creation, as well as to leave data in the existing infrastructure of the company. However, if data is not properly protected in the cloud, it can be lost or damaged, regardless of whether the cloud is private or public. In particular, unscrupulous individuals within the company who have trusted access to the system may view, damage, and steal unprotected data.

Intralinks vs. Caplinked: which one is better?

The global market of innovative solutions for the secure running of business offers many alternatives to optimize your workflow and collaboration. We are going to compare two leading Data Room alternatives.

  • Intralinks

It is not only able to maintain data security and legal positions with regard to uploaded documents. The software also ensures that sensitive information can only be viewed by authorized persons. In addition, the company always endeavors to enable access on all end devices. Intralinks tries to connect its customers with the world by constantly refining new offers.

As with most Data Room providers, Intralinks also tries to overcome geographical and organizational boundaries. Users can access the documents from any location at any time. In this way, negotiations with partners who are in different time zones are made cheaper and easier. This is also reinforced by the fact that access is displayed correctly everywhere – regardless of whether via mobile devices, desktops, or tablets.

Before you book a Data Room, you can first test it out free of charge. This gives you an insight into the functionalities and the seriousness of the company.

  • Caplinked

It is software for storage, synchronization, and quick exchange of documents of any format. The solution is used for investment banks, private equity, law firms, venture capital, M&A departments of large public companies, the energy industry, and more.

The advantages of the software are evident: testing and launching projects, data warehouse, secure collaboration, environment for work, flexibility, and scalability. It offers cloud migration support and support, deployment and administration assistance, and product, subscription, and licensing advice on how to use the services.